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  • Debit Card Information: Fraud Information & Alerts

    Fraud Information & Alerts

    Target, Nieman Marcus, and Michael's Fraud
    During the holiday season (and some beyond that) Target, Nieman Marcus, and Michael's experienced a large data breach/hack that could have compromised over 100 million credit and debit cards of shoppers during that time frame. HUCU has received card listings and continue to as more data becomes available, and continue to contact our members who have been impacted. If you are impacted we are ordering new cards with new numbers for you; however you current card will remain active for a short period of time to allow the new card to reach you (generally 2 weeks). If you are concerned, or believe you may be affected feel free to contact our office to see what options are available to monitor your account or to get a new card.

    Important Travel Information
    Since June 2013 we have seen high volumes of Fraud on our member Debit and Visa Credit Cards. Additionally, with the recent data breach we are uncertain of long term impact.

    ** In order to protect our members we have blocked credit transactions that occur outside of the following states:
    - Indiana
    - Ohio
    - Wisconsin
    - Illinois
    - Kentucky
    - Tennessee
    - Michigan

    If you are traveling, live in, or need to make a transaction that will occur outside of these states please contact our office so we can ensure that your card will work and transactions will process. If you use your card at an ATM or as a "debit" outside of the states listed above your card should work properly.

    When using your card if the machine reader looks suspiciuos, if you have to swipe your card or enter you pin multiple times, or if someone needs to take your card for long periods of time proceed with caution!

    We are asking our members to remember to monitor your account closely online with Perfect Teller and by keeping an up-to-date transaction register. If you believe that you have been a victim of fraud contact us IMMEDIATELY so we can help!

  • Courtesy Pay and Overdraft Protection!

    Avoid overdraft fees with the Overdraft Line of Credit Loan.

    CLICK HERE for details and how to apply for this!


    Avoid the embarrassment of having a debit card purchase declined!

    CLICK HERE now to add overdraft coverage to your ATM/Debit Card.

    There is no charge to have the service available. Our standard NSF fee
    applies only when the overdraft coverage is used.

    Courtesy Pay Information
    With our Courtesy Pay Overdraft Program, you choose the coverage that fits your needs.

    Our Courtesy Overdraft Program is automatically available to provide overdraft coverage for checks,
    automatic bill payments, and other withdrawal transactions. However, without your consent to provide
    overdraft coverage for your ATM/Debit card, if you do not have enough money in your account at the
    time of your request it will be DECLINED.

    Our overdraft program does not guarantee we will cover your overdrafts, but if we do, you will be
    charged our standard fee of $30 for each overdraft. As long as you keep your account in good
    standing bycontinuing to make consistent deposits, bringing your account to a positive balance every
    30 days, remaining current on loans, etc., then we may pay your overdraft item up to $300.

    If you want the added protection of overdraft covergae for your ATM withdrawals and everyday debit
    card purchases contact us today and consent to the added protection by:



  • Hoosier Farm Bureau Credit Union is now Hoosier United Credit Union!

    The Hoosier Farm Bureau Credit Union has changed its' name to Hoosier United Credit Union!

    Effective Immediately HFBCU is Hoosier United Credit Union (HUCU)!

    Thank you to our membership for their submissions for a name idea! Gail Briggs submitted the winning name entry, and Jeffrey Wright was the winner our random prixe drawning. We had some incredible name entries, and appreciate our membership for all of the feedback.

    So how does the name change impact you?
    >>Statements, Documents, Electronic Communications, Etc. will be updated over the next several weeks to Hoosier United Credit Union. We appreciate your patience as these updates occur, but in the time being you may receive things under both names.
    >>What happens when I go to the service centers? On or after March 31, 2014 you will need to let them know your credit union is "Hoosier United Credit Union", but all other functionality will be unaffected.
    >>Will I get a new Visa Credit and/or Debit Card? No. The card(s) you have currently are still good to use. When your card regularly reissues, or if we need to order a new card fo ryou, that is when you will see the name/logo update on the card.
    >>Will I need to order new Checks? No. The checks you have with the HFBCu account number and routing number (274073863) are unaffected. You can continue to use these checks. When you go to reorder you will want to update the credit union name if you do not use us to purchase your checks, but all other information is the same.
    >>Do I need to update electronic transactions? No. Your account number and routing number are unaffected by the name change, and your electronic transaction will continue unaffected.

    If you have any questions, or if you need anything else please let us know. Click HERE to Contact Us!

  • HUCU Auto Loan Rate Special and Vacation Loan Special!  

    If you finance $7,500 or more with new-to-HUCU auto loan you will get 0.50% off of our already low rates! This means your rate could be as low as 1.25%apr!

    Need extra money for vacation or your summer expenses? Finance $250-$5,000 and get a rate as low as 3.50%apr! Terms available for 12-36 months.

    Click HERE to get an APPLICATION! (For faster processing please return your application with a copy of a recent paystub, W-2, or other type of income verification)

     Click HERE for current rates on HUCU Vehicle Loans!

    Click HERE to contact one of our Loan Officers with questions or for more information!

    **APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Subject to credit approval and financing. Must finance $7,500 or more new money with HUCU. As low as rate is 36 month financing on new vehicle for well qualified borrower.Vacation loan special rates depend upon term and credit score. Contact HUCU for specific details and requirements for each special.

  • Exclusive Member Discounts and HUCU Member Services

    Exclusive Credit Union Member Discounts... save on everything from auto purchases, phone plans, flowers, and more! Click HERE!

    HUCU offers a full variety of services to our members. Click HERE for a listing!


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